My Books

Novels and novellas that are complete, written, in progress, or planned. When one gets published, I will link to where you can find it!

  • ‘Our Stories’ series (order not final):
    • [CURRENT WIP] Stigma (possible title) – urban fantasy, rewritten (Excerpt here)
    • What Lies Beyond (not final title) – gothic gay romance, written, needs expanding (Excerpt here)
    • Baalthazar & Daro’s story (not title, title TBD) – possibly urban fantasy, planned (Excerpt here)
    • Cal’s story (not title, title TBD) – possibly dark romance, planned
    • Our story (not title, title TBD) – memoir, planned (Excerpt here) and (Here)
  • Sleepwalking – LGBTQ erotic horror, in progress (Excerpt here) and (Here)
  • Curiosity Beyond the Grave (not final title) – gothic romance, planned
  • Bittersweet Prince universe:
    • Unholy – urban fantasy, written (Small excerpt here)
    • To Become A Prince – fantasy gay romance, planned
    • Bittersweet, Love Is War – fantasy romance, written, expanding/editing (Excerpt here)
    • Gabriel – urban fantasy (not final), in progress/planning (Excerpt here)
    • How To Say, ‘I Love You’ In Latin – fantasy gay romance, book 1 in progress, books 2 & 3 planned
  • Sin In My Heart (possibly not final title) – LGBTQ erotic romance, in progress/written (uncertain right now) (Excerpt here)
  • Sleep Paralysis (possible title) – short story collection of my nightmares & sleep paralysis dreams, planned (Excerpt here) and (Here)

I have a lot of things I’m excited to finally share. This is a basic idea of what you can expect from me that I’m most certain of. There are other stories I have planned as well that may end up in a short stories collection or expanded, depending on how the stories or my muses want them to go (I’m never in control of these things, Satan take the wheel).

I’ll try to keep this page updated to the best of my ability.

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