A lot of what I write is best described as LGBTQ+ fantasy and horror. I’ve been a writer since I was 7 years old as well as a compulsive doodler. If I ever find myself not creating, I feel incomplete.

I have a passion and love for philosophy, dreams, demonology and religious lore, metaphysics, ghosts, and the afterlife. I also grew up loving everything to do with horror. I used to read Shivers, Goosebumps, and Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark until I memorized them. Now, I’ve found a love for Mark Twain’s darker works, Edgar Alan Poe, Marquis de Sade, the mythos of the Necronomicon, V.C. Andrews, Anne Rice, and Charles Baudelaire.

Writing has saved my life. Without it, I wouldn’t be here today, nor would I have grown to understand and find a love for my head family — my alters and spirit guides — who often find their way into my work. As a survivor of trauma, and as someone who lives with multiple mental health diagnoses, I want to show that no matter how broken you may think you are, you deserve to be a hero too.

My debut memoir-like fantasy novel, Everything Is Wonderful Now, is out now in eBook and in paperback!

Follow your dreams no matter how many people try to discourage you. You have them for a reason — they’re important!